Friday and Garage Sales

It’s Friday and I went Garage Saling!  Who could ask for anything more?!?

We started our rummaging at about 9 with a couple of stops that proved to be pretty great.  My mom picked up some art for a friend of hers and a couple of things for my niece.

We then headed to a neighborhood sale, which was a bit junky and a quite a waste of time, but that is what you get when you rummage.  We then hit up a great sale where I found a butterfly purse for $1 and a couple of wooden shelves that I think will see new life when I paint them.

Luke found the massive deal of that day, though.

He purchased all of these books, 10 in all, from The 39 Clues series for $5.00 (50 cents per book).  The retail price on these books is $12.99 a piece, which would translate to $129.99 if purchased at Barnes and Noble or another bookstore.  What a steal!  Saving $125.00…not bad for a few hours of rummaging.  And now Luke has a stack of books to dive into this summer!

Did you do any rummaging today or plan to this weekend?  What sorts of deals did you score?

From Out of Date to Up to Date!

This morning, I was on a mission to find a couple of furniture pieces for my friend, Sara.  Her house is just down the road from my flooded house, but since it is farther from the river, she is not impacted by flood protection plans and they are rebuilding their house.  Her husband has worked tirelessly remodeling their house and it is amazing!  The plan is for them to move back home this week and I am so very happy for them.  Their lovely family of 6 has been crammed into a tiny little house since last summer and it is time for them to go home.

Sara asked me if I could keep my eyes peeled for a round coffee table, some end tables, and whatever else I thought would work well in their house.  I talked Ryan into going rummaging with Luke and I this morning (it is a feat to get Ryan out of bed on a Saturday morning) and we headed to the Surrey Citywide Rummage Sales.  There were so many sales, but I kept my focus on only buying items for Sara since I have no room for anything extra.

To my surprise at about the 10th sale that we went to, I found the most perfect round coffee table.  I never thought I would be able to find one, but as fate would have it, I found the prize!  I forgot to take a picture of it, but will next time I am at her house.  It is a pedestal table with casters in a dark brown and it is very pretty.  I brought it to her house and it fit the space exactly as I had hoped it would.  Very exciting!  I forgot to add that this fantastic buy was also on $15.00!!

At the same sale, I found a cute little bench type chair that I couldn’t pass up.  I contemplated keeping it for myself, but when I was at Sara’s house this afternoon I saw the spot that it needed to fill and so I decided it needed a new home.  Because I am a little ADD and when I get excited about something I can’t wait to do it, I went to Hobby Lobby and found an adorable fabric for the bench and set to work recovering it.  The previous owners had it decked out in a multi color floral fabric that was quite dated and it needed to be brought out of the 1990s and into 2012.

Sorry for the not so great pictures of it, but I was in such a hurry to show it to Sara that I just rushed to get it to her and didn’t take the time for quality shots.  When I bring my camera to her house to take pics of the coffee table, I will also take a picture of the little bench/chair in its new spot right by Sara’s front door.

It is amazing what a little fabric can do for a $10.00 bench/chair (whatever it is) to update and bring it from out of date to up to date in a matter of minutes.

Kmart Has Got the Goods!

Raise your hand if you shop at Kmart!  I know most people think it is sort of a dive and the last resort if Target or Wal-Mart is out of something.  Because of the pretty close proximity of K-Mart to our house, I have been shopping there more since we moved in.  While I don’t generally jump up and down for joy because of things I get there, I was pretty excited about my most recent purchase.

I actually went to K-Mart for something totally different, but right now, I have brain fog and cannot remember for the life of me what that something was.  I guess it doesn’t matter and I am pretty sure I found it elsewhere, but what I did find was a sale on a couple of framed pictures.

Ryan and Luke had decided in Forest House when we lived there (before the flood obviously) that they wanted a Cinema themed family room.  Because we never got a chance to do that in that house, I decided it might be fun to do the same idea here.

I was checking out the framed pics at Kmart when I came across 2 really great Movie themed pictures in black frames.  They are square and about 12×12 I would say.  They were regularly priced $14.99, which I personally would not have paid because I am way too thrifty, but they said on sale this week for $8.00.  Score!  I will take them.  I walked up to the till to pay for them and they rang up as $5.60 each.  What?  Yes, they were $5.60 each so I bought both of them for much less than the regular price of 1!

I love those kinds of buys.  I am going to leave you in suspense as to what they look like though because I want to reveal the whole look when it gets done in the next week or so.  I just had to share the deal though.  It was too exciting of a purchase to keep to myself :)

Vintage Find

A while back, I decided to check out the used furniture store in town to see if there were any interesting finds.  While I found no furniture, I did find out that they have more than just furniture, but also have lots of unique household items.  Now, I am a huge fan of kitchen stuff (half of which I still have packed away because I have no room in my little bitty kitchen) and I just can’t seem to get enough gadgets, bowls, utensils, and cookbooks.  You would think having half my kitchen items in storage would keep me from buying any more, but when you see what I found, you will understand.

My grandma has bowls like the ones I found and I believe they are from the 1970s.  Seeing as I was born in 1980, I guess that would make the bowls older than myself.  I remember her serving baked corn in the bowls mostly, but I am sure she used them for many other food items as well.

The particular bowls I found are not quite as big as the one I remember her using, but it still brought back such wonderful memories when I ran across them.  They had no price tag on them so I asked the lady at the checkout how much they wanted for them and she said, “Oh I guess $1.00 for the one and $1.50 for the other.”  I said I would take them and she said, “You know those are vintage and probably a collectible.”  I told her that I did know that, but that I would be keeping them for my own use and that they reminded me of some that my grandma has.

I have been wracking my brain trying to remember what color that bowl from my memory is.  It is terrible that I have seen that bowl a million times and I can’t remember for sure what color it is!  Grandma, if you are reading this, what color is your pyrex bowl?

Anyway, here are the adorable, vintage Pyrex bowls that I brought home with me that fine day!

They make me smile and remind me of my childhood and all the wonderful memories from those days gone by.  Too bad I was too busy thinking about the food in the bowl than in the bowl itself to remember what the bowl actually looked like!

Funny Thrifty Story

A couple of weeks ago, Luke told me that his jacket zipper was not working.  I looked at it, tried to figure out the problem, and gave up.  I just thought the zipper was done for and he started using the back up coat I had for him.  No big deal or so I thought.  The back up jacket happened to be a thrifty deal from Walmart last spring and really more of a waste of money than anything else.  The zipper on it is a huge pain and a source of frustration every single day.

On Saturday, we went to the mall thinking that the winter coats would be clearanced out and maybe we could score a deal on a new Columbia.  JC Penney and Herbergers were out of winter coats (guess I was too late this year), but Scheels did have 1 Columbia left in Luke’s size.  It was a good coat and I thought it would be just fine for what he needs and was thinking the $54.00 price tag was pretty reasonable for a Columbia (regular price $115).  Ryan on the other hand thought it was a rip off and that we could look for a better deal elsewhere.  I told him that the issue was that he was used to my “deals” where I walk out of a store with a coat for $10 or get one at a garage sale for $5 and that the reality of a 50% off Columbia was a good deal.

Basically we left Scheels (and the entire mall for that matter) with no new coat for Luke.  We decided he could make do with the junky Walmart coat for the short season that was left.  Upon arriving home, I decided to have Ryan look at the Columbia coat with the “broken” zipper.  He tries a couple of times to zip it and nothing happened.  He investigates a little more and finds a tiny rock stuck in the part that zips up the zipper, removes the rock, and it works like new!!!

My deal of the weekend…existing “broken” coat with a rock removed=happy Luke!!

So the moral of the story is, don’t give up on broken things until you actual know for a fact that they are truly broken!!!  You might save yourself a trip to the mall and some hard earned $$$!

Shelf Appeal

The shelf I posted pictures of yesterday is complete.  It is shockingly different from how it looked yesterday!  I was going to spray paint it, but then I realized that it is far too cold outside to do any spraying painting and I really didn’t want to die from inhaling too many fumes by doing it inside.  Not too mention the probable mess it would create!  I went with a plain old paint and brush and it worked just great.

Just for a refresher here are the pictures I posted yesterday…

Now the moment of truth! I will be planning to add some more accessories to the shelf soon, but I need to find just the right things.

As you can see on the close ups, I did an aged patina effect by wiping black glaze over the notched parts and then wiping the excess off with a damp cloth.  I like the effect it gives to an old piece of furniture.

Do you just love the saying in the frame.  It says, “At any given moment I have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end.”  I just love it and it is so fitting for the year we have had.  Now that this shelf is hanging the laundry room/bathroom, it feels like the room is coming along nicely.  More in the near future on the progress of the space.  Slowly, but surely!

I suppose I better give a break down of the cost of this project.

Shelf $2.99 at Goodwill, Paint $6.00 at Walmart, everything else I already had.  Total cost: $8.99  (Pretty crazy that the shelf was cheaper than the paint!!)