Basement Remodel (with Pics) Finally!

As promised, here are the basement family room pictures.  We did a ton of work to this space to get it looking as it does today.  I am painted out, but do still have a few spots that need to be completed.  Mostly just in the stairway, but with time, that will get finished too!

For your viewing pleasure, here are the before pictures:

The space is much brighter and much cleaner now and I now feel like I can spend some time in there without fear of a spider attacking me!  Okay, so maybe the spider wouldn’t attack me, but there sure were a lot of them down there.

Everything in the room is new including flooring, ceiling tile, paint, trim, and other woodwork.  I have not put anything on the windows yet, but that will need to be in the works soon.  Just not sure what I want on them since I still want lots of light to come in.

Okay, I guess I will do the big reveal now!!!!

This space is sort of a mish mash of different furniture, but isn’t that what a basement is supposed to be?  I basically just used pieces from our old house to fill the space and make it useful!  I love using items that I already have…that is the thriftiest decorating tip of all!!

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9 thoughts on “Basement Remodel (with Pics) Finally!

  1. It looks great! This is one of the things my boyfriend and I want to accomplish when we move into our new home (which should be this month). We will probably have to wait a few months to get settled in before we begin to tackle the completely unfinished basement, but I can’t wait to say we did it!!!
    Congrats on yours, it looks comfy!

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