100 Posts! Let’s have a party and a giveaway!!

If you know me at all, you know that some times my ADD gets the best of me and I have a hard time finishing or continuing projects.  If you are Ryan and you are reading this, you know better than anyone just how bad my impulsive ADD moments get to me and how many unfinished projects are sitting around the house, in boxes, in my car, and wherever else they may happen to land. 

But at least I can admit it, right? 

I am so very proud of the fact that I have been able to continue my blog and truly thankful to everyone who has so faithfully reads about all my crazy projects, my thrifty ideas, my challenges throughout this year, and everything in between.

For my 100th post on The Thrifty Queen Speaks, I decided that it would be fun to have a little giveaway.  So what do you win, you may ask…you will win some lovely handmade 100% natural bath products made by me!!

Included in the prize package will be:

1. Brown Sugar Body Scrub
2. Rose Bath Fizzies
3. Peppermint Lip Balm

Three perfect items for managing the dry skin issues that happen to so many of us during the winter months.

You also may want to know how you go about winning the prize package.  First and foremost, you will want to comment on this post and tell me about your favorite post on The Thrifty Queen Speaks.  Also, if you link this post page on your Facebook page, you can come back and comment that you did so for another chance to win!!! 

That gives you 2 chances to win!!  So go ahead and comment and post.  You have until Friday evening at 9:00 pm Central Time to comment. 

Happy 100th Post!!! 

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16 thoughts on “100 Posts! Let’s have a party and a giveaway!!

  1. Comments over at Facebook:Joy Myers One of my favorites was the "Make It Monday" on March 7th. I love the transformation on the table. :) I also love the transformation on your new home. :) Great work!Joy Myers Posted your link and info on my facebook. :)Beret Huck I love your blog. I'm never able to comment (I try and fail), but I always read it!Nichole Irwin Schmidt Hi Hope I read your blog and then started a blog too. Not sure I know how to do it though. I tried to leave a comment too and I am not sure if it worked. Love your blog. Would love the prize! :)Nichole Irwin Schmidt Posted your blog on my wall too! You should do a blog about the sunflower canvas and post a picture of it and explain the scripture! Just a thought!Got my comments setting fixed so it should work right now!

  2. Hi Hope I have to say that I love all your posts but one of my favorites was when you re-did the dresser from the thrift store. It inspired me to finally tackle one that I had here. Keep up the good work it is nice to keep up with you and your crafty ways.

  3. Can the person who left the post saying, "I love your thanksgiving blog" comment back and let me know who you are? Then I will add you to the drawing! Thanks!

  4. Too hard to pick just one!! I think I like when you blog about your thrifty finds! Like the one where you found Luke shoes at GoodWill after searching in the mall for awhile. Also just good to see how your doing, miss our morning chats!Kyleigh

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