Saturday Saver

Did you know that there is one really great way to go green and to save money?  Okay, there are many ways, but there is one way that is very easy to do and will save you green by going green.  It is really not rocket science or anything really profound, it is using a reusable water bottle.  It seems like a really simple thing, but using a reusable water bottle instead of buying a bottle of water every day not only saves you money, but it is also better for your health and for the environment. 

What are the health benefits of using a reusable water bottle?
  • Less exposure to toxins in plastic water bottles
  • PET water bottles are known to leach phthalates, a class of compounds that are suspected of causing certain types of cancer and reproductive disorders, into their contents.
  • If you have a water bottle with you all the time, you are more likely to drink more water.  Being hydrated is extremely important to your overall health.

How about environmental benefits?
  • Bottled water is packaged in polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic, which emits harmful toxins such as nickel, ethyl benzene, ethylene oxide, and benzene into our air and water during production.
  • Eighty-six percent of plastic water bottles used in the US aren’t recycled.
  • Water bottles disposed of in landfills or tossed by the side of the road can take up to 1,000 years to biodegrade in the ground.[1]
  • With the exception of a tiny amount of incinerated plastic, all 1 billion tons of plastic manufactured to date is still in the environment.[2]
  1. New American Dream – Bottled water: overflowing on the environment
  2. Orion magazine – “Polymers are Forever” by Alan Weisman

Bottled water uses huge amounts of petroleum-based plastics in its bottles. The Pacific Institute found that manufacturing the plastic for bottled water consumed by Americans in 2006 took the equivalent of about 17 million barrels of oil—enough petroleum to fuel over 1 million cars and light trucks for a year. Most bottled water sold in the US is packaged in petroleum-based PET. PET is less toxic than other plastics, according to the Berkeley Ecology Center, but, manufacturing PET emits over 100 times the toxins—nickel, ethyl benzene, ethylene oxide, and benzene—than manufacturing an equivalent amount of glass.[3]

E/The Environmental Magazine – Message in a Bottle: Despite the Hype, Bottled Water is Neither CLEANER nor GREENER Than Tap Water

How much money can you save not buying bottled water?

If you were to buy a bottle of water from a convenience store everyday for one year, it would cost you more than $365.  A nice quality stainless steel or aluminum water bottle that you could use everyday would cost you a one time payment of around $15.  This is a savings of $350!!!  And that is for one year.  You could use that same water bottle for many years and continue to save money.  I can think of a lot of ways to spend an extra $350…

In the end, the savings add up in more ways then one!

Here are some cute non plastic water bottle options:

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